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SSATB Our Role

ALC Counsel Group PhotoAdmission Leadership Council, September 2015

In these challenging times for many independent schools, the ALC looks to play a critical role in helping define the issues and developing professional resources for enrollment managers.

The SSAT Board of Directors founded the Admission Leadership Council (ALC) in 2009 to reestablish a more consistent organizational and professional voice for members.

 The role of the Admission Leadership Council is to: 

  • Be a sounding board for SSATB for the development of admission services
  • Serve as conveners and facilitators of annual, regional meetings of members
  • Provide leadership in the area of professional development for admission professionals
  • Act as advocates for the critical role of admission in schools

For more information about the ALC, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Senior Director of Professional Development